Biogenic Secondary Organic Aerosols: From Observations to Global Modeling: A Workshop Series for Early Career Scientists From the United States and Nordic Countries; Hyytiälä, Finland, 1–4 July 2007, and Tovetorp, Sweden, 11–15 August 2008



Globally, secondary organic aerosols (SOAs) from biogenic precursors surpass those from anthropogenic sources. These organic particles have important impacts on air quality and climate, the latter through their direct interactions with radiation and by the modulation of cloud condensation nuclei. These processes exert a substantial influence back upon the Earth system through links to the terrestrial carbon and water cycles.

The questions that currently confront researchers working in the fields of biogenic SOAs (BSOAs) and their impact on the Earth system are numerous and multidisciplinary. Such challenges motivated a 2-year workshop series, with meetings held at Hyytiälä Research Station (Finland) in 2007 and Tovetorp Research Station (Sweden) in 2008, which was attended by 25 early career scientists from the United States and Nordic countries. Five internationally distinguished researchers gave keynote lectures and contributed to scientific and professional development discussions.