• alternating zonal jets;
  • PV wake;
  • stationary meridional Rossby wave

[1] XBT and float data of the World Ocean Database 2005 are used to validate new stationary jet-like features (striations) recently found in the high-resolution mean dynamic ocean topography (MDOT). Two study areas were selected in the eastern parts of the North and South Pacific subtropical gyres free of any strong currents. Appropriate horizontal high-pass filtering applied to the ensemble-mean temperature at 100 m depth revealed the striation signal coherent with MDOT. The features are also distinct in the data of depth of 12°C isotherm lying close to the thermocline. The striations are oriented nearly zonally and coherent vertically at least through 700 m depth. Their wavelength is approximately 400 km, and the azimuth of wavevector is −13° (9°) in the northern (southern) domains. Correspondence between the striations in observations and OFES (OGCM for the Earth Simulator) model as well as the nature of the striations are discussed.