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grl24587-sup-0001-readme.txtplain text document5Kreadme.txt
grl24587-sup-0002-ts01.txtplain text document3KTable S1. Isotope drought indices and raw δ13C data for 15 years and 14 Southwestern sites.
grl24587-sup-0003-ts02.txtplain text document2KTable S2. Correlation coefficients between isotope Drought Index and monthly precipitation.
grl24587-sup-0004-ts03.txtplain text document2KTable S3. Correlation coefficients between isotope Drought Index and NDVI for the first 15 days of each month.
grl24587-sup-0005-ts04.txtplain text document2KTable S4. Correlation coefficients between isotope Drought Index and monthly temperature.
grl24587-sup-0006-fs01.tifTIFF image98KFigure S1. Correlation results for isotope Drought Index versus fraction of monthly average accumulated precipitation for the state climate subdivisions of the pinyon sites.
grl24587-sup-0007-fs02.tifTIFF image422KFigure S2. NDVI anomalies in the Southwest during the 1997–98 major El Niño and the 1998–99 major La Niña.
grl24587-sup-0008-t01.txtplain text document1KTab-delimited Table 1.
grl24587-sup-0009-t02.txtplain text document0KTab-delimited Table 2.

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