Auxiliary material for this article contains additional examples of vertical and horizontal seismic sections recorded in the study region, the illustration of the method used to estimate the interface parameter uncertainties by RMS misfit plots, and the upper and lower P and S velocity bounds for an isotropic mixture of solid and molten rock as computed from the Hashin-Shtrikman method.

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grl24703-sup-0001-readme.txtplain text document3Kreadme.txt
grl24703-sup-0002-fs01.jpgimage/pjpeg716KFigure S1. Vertical-and horizontal-component seismograms from the western and eastern parts of the study region.
grl24703-sup-0003-fs02.jpgimage/pjpeg290KFigure S2. RMS misfit as a function of two model parameters for the layer below the reflector at 2.7 km and 7.5 km depth.
grl24703-sup-0004-fs03.jpgimage/pjpeg40KFigure S3. Upper and lower P velocity and S velocity bounds for an isotropic mixture of solid and molten rock.

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