A one-year experimental Arctic reanalysis and comparisons with ERA-40 and NCEP/NCAR reanalyses



[1] A one-year (1998) experimental Arctic reanalysis was produced using an experimental Arctic reanalysis system (EARS), which was based on the MM5 model and 3DVAR data assimilation, implemented in combination with an intermittent nudging scheme. TOVS retrieval data and conventional surface observations and upper-air sounding data are assimilated by EARS, which is driven by the ERA-40 reanalysis. The domain covers a pan-Arctic region at a horizontal resolution of 30 km. The EARS reanalysis results, as well as ERA-40 and NCEP/NCAR reanalyses (NNRP), are verified against station observations. Comparisons show that the ERA-40 analysis is significantly better than NNRP for the metrics of root-mean-square error and bias. The EARS performed significantly better than both ERA-40 and NNRP at lower levels; it produced especially good results for surface wind and upper-air humidity. For the surface temperature, dew point, relative humidity, sea level pressure, as well as upper-air variables, the yearly average of the EARS results lie in between those of the ERA-40 and NNRP, closer to those of ERA-40.