Aerosol black carbon in the European Arctic: Measurements at Zeppelin station, Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard from 1998–2007



[1] An aerosol black carbon (BC) data set from ongoing measurements at Zeppelin station (474 m asl), near Ny-Ålesund (10 m asl), Svalbard is reported for the period 1998–2007. Annual average and median BC concentrations were 39 and 27 ng m−3, respectively, while monthly averages ranged from a maximum ∼80 ng m−3 in February/March to a minimum 0–10 ng m−3 from June to September. BC concentrations were calibrated by elemental carbon thermo-optical analysis. PSCF trajectory analysis indicated that BC concentrations at Zeppelin were mainly influenced by source regions in northern and central Russia. Since 2001, a small decreasing trend in BC concentration (−9.5 ng m−3 per decade) for the period to 2007 has been observed which is, however, similar to the detection limit.