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grl25238-sup-0001-readme.txtplain text document7Kreadme.txt
grl25238-sup-0002-fs01.tifTIFF image9216KFigure S1. Geographic setting of steep, SE-NW trending scarp on which descending cloud events are observed.
grl25238-sup-0003-fs02.tifTIFF image3047KFigure S2. Event designated example 3.
grl25238-sup-0004-fs03.jpgimage/pjpeg17501KFigure S3. Evolution of CO2 frost cover on upper scarp and scarp base at location of event 2b.
grl25238-sup-0005-fs04.tifTIFF image1533KFigure S4. Location of event 2b 15 days before and 11 days after.
grl25238-sup-0006-fs05.tifTIFF image78KFigure S5. Distribution in time and longitude of all north-polar spring HiRISE images of steep, NPLD-BU scarps, including monitoring at five designated sites.
grl25238-sup-0007-fs06.tifTIFF image11128KFigure S6. Wind-driven particle clouds along plateau edge of “discovery” scarp.
grl25238-sup-0008-txts01.txtplain text document10KText S1. Details, assumptions, intermediate results, and discussion of calculations presented in the paper.

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