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grl25285-sup-0001-readme.txtplain text document9Kreadme.txt
grl25285-sup-0002-txts01.txtplain text document6KText S1. Sample preparation, dating, δ18O analyses, and calibration.
grl25285-sup-0003-fs01.epsPS document5911KFigure S1. Location of the study site in the Siberian Altai and spatial variation of δ18O responses in central and southeast Asia.
grl25285-sup-0004-fs02.epsPS document188KFigure S2. Signature of the Tambora eruption in the ice core.
grl25285-sup-0005-fs03.epsPS document129KFigure S3. Annual record of Belukha δ18O and March–November Barnaul temperature and correlation between 10-year δ18O and March–November temperature means.
grl25285-sup-0006-fs04.epsPS document221KFigure S4. Temperature reconstructions for the Altai, different regions in central Asia, and the Northern Hemisphere together with the reconstructed solar activity based on 10Be.
grl25285-sup-0007-fs05.epsPS document297KFigure S5. Cross correlation between Altai temperature reconstruction and 14C based solar activity.
grl25285-sup-0008-ts01.txtplain text document0KTable S1. Correlation coefficient between the 10Be and 14C based solar modulation and the respective temperature reconstruction for the periods 1250–2000 and 1250–1850.

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