• E region;
  • ion demagnetization;
  • auroral ionosphere

[1] The JOULE-II sounding rocket salvo was launched from Poker Flat Rocket Range into weak pulsating aurora following a moderate substorm at 0345 LT on 19 January 2007. We present in situ measurements of ion flow velocity and electric and magnetic fields combined with neutral wind observations derived from ground observations of in situ chemical tracers. Measured ion drifts in the 150–198 km and 92–105 km altitude ranges are consistent with equation image × equation image motion to within 16 m s−1 rms and with neutral wind velocity to within 20 m s−1, respectively. From these measurements we have calculated the ratio κ of the ion cyclotron and ion collision frequencies, finding κ = 1 at an altitude of 118 ± 0.3 km. Using direct measurements of ion current, we calculate the Joule heating rate and Pedersen and Hall conductivity profiles for this moderately active event and find height-integrated values of 390 W km−2 and 0.59 and 2.22 S, respectively. We also find that these values would have errors of up to tens of percent without coincident neutral wind measurements, and presumably more so during more active conditions. Ion flow vectors were measured at a rate of 125 s−1; however, no significant fluctuations were observed at spatial/temporal scales below ∼350 m and 0.5 s. Observational limits were 5.5 m and 0.016 s.