• step discontinuity;
  • multiple discontinuities;
  • conducting strips;
  • electromagnetic scattering;
  • Green's functions;
  • parallel plate waveguides

[1] The Green's function of a parallel plate waveguide with cascaded step discontinuities is computed by using analytical methods. The expression is written as a sum of two terms, the first of which corresponds to the effect of the horizontal plates on the primary source's field taking into account the symmetric images with respect to the metallic boundaries. The second term is related to the reflections from the vertical discontinuity edges, which are treated by applying successively a mode-matching technique. The solution of the posed boundary value problem is obtained through a well-conditioned linear system. The behavior of the guided waves far from the discontinuity region is determined with the help of far field approximations. Numerical computations for specific cases are presented and examined and many general purpose procedures of educational and tutorial interest are extensively described.