Radio Science

Vertical and oblique ionospheric soundings over a very long multihop HF radio link from polar to midlatitudes: Results and relationships



[1] A vertical incidence sounder (VIS) was installed at the Spanish Antarctic Base (62.7°S, 299.6°E) during the Antarctic summer survey 2004–2005. In addition, an oblique sounding (OS) system for HF communications between Antarctica and Spain (12,700 km) has been operated during the Antarctic summers since December 2003. OS results are compared to Rec533 model and to VIS data obtained from stations located along the radio path, including VIS stations at the emitter and receiver sites. The results presented in this paper show the potential of this infrastructure for ionospheric monitoring and research purposes at and from polar regions. The results also show that relevant information (e.g., maximum received frequency) of very long range radio links can be obtained from appropriate VIS stations along the path.