Wideband MIMO channel characterization in TV studios and inside buildings in the 2.2–2.5 GHz frequency band



[1] Multiple input multiple output (MIMO) measurements were performed with a chirp sounder with a switched antenna array at the transmitter and eight parallel receiver channels with 96-MHz bandwidth at 2.25 GHz in TV studios and 240-MHz bandwidth at 2.38 GHz inside buildings. MIMO capacity was estimated from the data with linear and circular arrays with array sizes 2 by 2, 4 by 4, and 6 by 8. Mean capacity estimates for 30-dB signal-to-noise ratio for both line of sight and obstructed line of sight were on the order of 11–31 b/s/Hz for the 2 by 2 to 4 by 4 antenna configurations and for the 6 by 8 directional antenna measurements a median capacity of 50 b/s/Hz. This is an increase of 20 b/s/Hz from the 4 by 4 omnidirectional antenna array indicating diversity gain as well as an increase due to the number of antennas.