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wrcr11780-sup-0001-readme.txtplain text document2Kreadme.txt
wrcr11780-sup-0002-fs01.tifTIFF image2656KFigure S1. Passive atmospheric N deposition samplers in the field at the Chilbosan University Forest site near Suwon, South Korea.
wrcr11780-sup-0003-fs02.tifTIFF image1142KFigure S2. Nitric acid samplers and Ogawa® samplers used in a concentrated animal feeding operation in central New York state.
wrcr11780-sup-0004-fs03.tifTIFF image1081KFigure S3. Multiple passive samplers mounted to a tree using a metal crossbar, zip ties, and plastic cups as protective covers.
wrcr11780-sup-0005-fs04.tifTIFF image1578KFigure S4. Zoomed-in version of the protective plastic cups used to mount and protect samplers.
wrcr11780-sup-0006-fs05.tifTIFF image955KFigure S5. Multiple samplers implemented in a confined animal feeding operation in central New York state.
wrcr11780-sup-0007-t01.txtplain text document5KTab-delimited Table 1.
wrcr11780-sup-0008-t02.txtplain text document1KTab-delimited Table 2.
wrcr11780-sup-0009-t03.txtplain text document0KTab-delimited Table 3.

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