A U.S. Carbon Cycle Science Plan: First Meeting of the Carbon Cycle Science Working Group; Washington, D. C., 17–18 November 2008



The report “A U.S. carbon cycle science plan” (J. L. Sarmiento and S. C. Wofsy, U.S. Global Change Res. Program, Washington, D.C., 1999) outlined research priorities and promoted coordinated carbon cycle research across federal agencies for nearly a decade. Building on this framework and subsequent reports (available at http://www.carboncyclescience.gov/docs.php), the Carbon Cycle Science Working Group (CCSWG) was formed in 2008 to develop an updated strategy for the next decade. The recommendations of the CCSWG will go to agency managers who have collective responsibility for setting national carbon cycle science priorities and for sponsoring much of the carbon cycle research in the United States.

The first meeting of the CCSWG took place in November, with the overall goals of achieving consensus on the extent to which the 1999 plan should be updated, developing a list of overarching scientific questions to be addressed by the new plan, and identifying mechanisms for maximizing community input.