Constraining Carbon Cycle Feedback Using Paleodata: Palaeocarbon Modelling Intercomparison Project Kickoff Workshop; Totnes, United Kingdom, 26–28 January 2009



Climate-induced changes in the terrestrial biosphere and the ocean modulate the release and uptake of carbon dioxide (CO2), and this, in turn, alters atmospheric composition and climate in a process called climate/carbon cycle feedback. The Coupled Carbon Cycle Climate Model Intercomparison Project (C4MIP), using models of the terrestrial and ocean carbon cycles in ocean-atmosphere general circulation models, has shown that although the feedback is positive, its magnitude is highly uncertain (P. Friedlingstein et al., J. Clim., 19, 3337, 2006). It is important to quantify this feedback adequately because it affects the CO2 emissions consistent with any atmospheric CO2 stabilization.