Looking to the Future



A year ago, AGU established the Future Focus Task Force (FFTF), a 15-member committee to advise the AGU Council on three areas to strengthen AGU's ability to execute its strategic plan. The FFTF has been taking a broad look at the Union's structure and governance, the alignment of resources and the activities supported by these resources, and the capacities we need to develop to achieve our mission and long-term goals while maintaining ourselves as a preeminent scientific society.

The FFTF also is taking important steps in preparing for the succession in headquarters leadership (see Eos, 90(5), 40, 2009, and 90(18), 159, 2009). This planning should help us in selecting the best candidate for AGU's next executive director. It also will give the search committee a clear understanding of where the Union intends to go and what leadership characteristics are needed to get us there.