Early Career Workshop Focuses on Leadership Qualities: Marine Geoscience Leadership Symposium; Washington, D.C., 23–27 March 2009



Earth and marine geoscientists are crossing the boundaries between traditional scientific disciplines, pushing the frontiers of scientific research, and addressing the needs of society. As it becomes increasingly important for scientists to form interdisciplinary collaborations and communicate their science to the public and policy makers, early career scientists are seeking insight into the nontraditional skills needed today to achieve a successful career. With funding from the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF), the Consortium for Ocean Leadership organized the first Marine Geoscience Leadership Symposium to provide leadership training to early career scientists.

Through meetings with more than 40 leaders from the academic, policy, and education communities, the symposium exposed the 25 participants to leadership qualities intended to help them navigate the laboratory and beyond. The discussions and activities covered the tangible and intangible aspects of building a career, such as proposal writing, research funding, building interdisciplinary collaborations, and communicating to nonacademic audiences.