Member-Approved Governance Changes: An Important Watershed in AGU's History



Over the past month, AGU members have made their voices heard, overwhelmingly supporting the Council-endorsed governance changes reflected in what are now our new bylaws and articles of incorporation. There were more than 11,600 ballots cast, which is a high turnout for an AGU election. Nearly 97% of you voted in favor of these changes. As your leader, I am inspired by your commitment to change.

This vote is an important watershed in AGU's history. It marks the culmination of more than a year's work by leaders throughout the Union to envision a structure that combines sound member fiduciary oversight with even greater attention to our science. The soon-to-be-formed Board of Directors will partner with staff leadership to guide the business of running the $34-million institution that is AGU. At the same time, the expanded AGU Council will benefit by having not only section leaders but also focus group and key committee leaders as it considers the challenges facing our science and our members. This clear delineation of roles should result in a much more nimble, more member- and scientifically responsive organization, well positioned for many years to come.