AGU's Upcoming Election



The 2010–2012 election, which runs from 4 January 2010 to 3 February 2010, marks the first time members will be asked to elect the AGU Board of Directors, which includes the Union officers, as well as section officers of the new AGU Council. The addition of a Board of Directors is new in AGU governance. In light of this, it may be helpful for you to know a bit more about the responsibilities of the Board and the Council and the kind of characteristics we are seeking in the member volunteers who will represent you in these bodies.

The elected members of the Board of Directors are the president, president-elect, general secretary (who also serves as treasurer), international secretary, and six members elected by the Union's membership. Up to two members may be nominated by the Union president and approved by the Board. The immediate past president, vice chair of the Council, the Development Board chair, and the executive director are ex officio, meaning they are members of the board by virtue of the positions they hold.