Recent Developments in Paleomagnetism and Geomagnetism: Sixth Nordic Paleomagnetic Workshop; Lule, Sweden, 15–22 September 2009



The Sixth Nordic Paleomagnetic Workshop was held in northern Sweden. The meeting focused on discussion of recent developments in paleomagnetism/geomagnetism, covering topics including thousand-year-scale geomagnetic field variations, paleoclimate of the Holocene (∼10,000 years ago to the present), Phanerozoic (∼545 million years ago to the present) plate reconstructions, and Precambrian (more than ∼545 million years ago) supercontinents.

The workshop series began in 1986 in Espoo, Finland, in connection with the European Geotraverse Project. Since then, workshops have occurred every 45 years: the second in Sweden (1990), the third in Norway (1994), the fourth in Denmark (1999), and the fifth in Finland (2005). A total of 23 paleomagnetists and geomagnetists representing 12 countries (Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, India, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, United Kingdom, and United States) participated in the sixth workshop.