Tsallis distribution of the interplanetary magnetic field at 0.72 AU: Venus Express observation



[1] Previous work shows that Probability Distribution Functions (PDFs) of the interplanetary magnetic field strength differences can be described by a single function - Tsallis distribution at Earth and beyond. Launch of Venus Express enables us to extend the application of Tsallis distribution to the inner heliosphere at 0.72 AU. This paper analyzes the distributions of increments of interplanetary magnetic field magnitude on scales from 1 hour to 211 hours (∼85.3 days), and fit all these PDFs to Tsallis distribution. The entropy index q value of all the PDFs on these scales at 0.72 AU are in the range of 1.5 to 1.7, which implies the non-Gaussianality of the PDFs. The variation of the statistical parameters such as cumulants, variance and kurtosis with scales is also discussed.