• bottom-type spread F;
  • ionospheric plasma bubbles;
  • ionosphere 6300 image

[1] Bottom-type spread F events were observed in the south American equatorial region by a VHF coherent radar and an ionosonde at São Luís (2.5°S, 44.3°W), an ionosonde at Fortaleza (3.9°S, 38.4° W) and an airglow OI 630.0 nm imager at Cariri (7.4°S, 36.5°W) and Brasilia (14.8°S, 47.6°W). In the evening of September 30, 2005, a long duration (∼70 minutes) bottom side scattering layer, confined in a narrow height region, was observed. At the same time all-sky imager observed sinusoidal intensity depletions in the zonal plane extending more than 1500 km and elongated along the magnetic meridian. No strong spread F structures developed during the period. Subsequently well developed plasma bubbles were observed. This suggests that the observed bottom-type spread F is an initial phase of the plasma bubbles. We report, for the first time, longitudinal and latitudinal extension of the bottom-type spread F as diagnosed by optical imagers.