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jgrg623-sup-0002-ps01.jpgimage/pjpeg755KFigure S1. Photograph of the electrode-modified casings.
jgrg623-sup-0003-ps02.tifTIFF image1256KFigure S2. Electrodic potential (EP) data acquired for a discrete electrode depth (5.0 m) in wells SP-1 (red) and SP-2 (blue).
jgrg623-sup-0004-ps03.tifTIFF image1894KFigure S3. Temporal change in power density in SP-1 for the 6.5 m electrode depth 59 days after beginning acetate addition, as compared to preinjection values.
jgrg623-sup-0005-ps04.tifTIFF image1578KFigure S4. Temporal relationship between electrodic potential (EP) in SP-1 (red line) and SP-2 (blue line) and the ferrous iron concentration measured in M-21 (blue square), B-05 (red square), SP-1 (blue cross), and SP-2 (green cross).
jgrg623-sup-0006-ps05.tifTIFF image1082KFigure S5. Temporal relationship between electrodic potential (EP) in SP-1 (red line) and the sulfide concentration measured in M-21 (blue square) and SP-1 (blue cross).
jgrg623-sup-0007-ps06.tifTIFF image1792KFigure S6. Temporal relationship between electrodic potential (EP) in SP-1 (red line) and sulfide (blue square) and uranium (red cross) concentrations measured in M-21.
jgrg623-sup-0008-ps07.tifTIFF image2227KFigure S7. Eh-pH diagram for the Cu-S-O system.
jgrg623-sup-0009-ps08.tifTIFF image1685KFigure S8. Theoretical cell potentials for the coupled anodic Fe(II)/Fe(III) and cathodic C(II)/Cu(0) half-cells as function of ferrous iron concentration and temperature at pH 7.

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