Realizing the Potential of Satellite Gravimetry for Hydrology: Second GRACE Hydrology Workshop; Austin, Texas, 4 November 2009



Hydrologists and geodesists met in November to share new results and discuss ways to facilitate the use of Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) products for hydrological research and applications. More than 70 scientists from eight countries participated. Recommendations from the workshop were presented subsequently at the GRACE science team meeting.

The NASA/German Aerospace Center's GRACE mission, launched in 2002, provides a unique perspective on the water cycle. GRACE measures tiny variations in Earth's gravity field, from which are inferred changes in total column water: the sum of groundwater, soil moisture, surface water, snow, ice, and biomass. Workshop presentations included river basin—scale budget studies; groundwater, snow, river runoff, and ice sheet melt assessments; GRACE data assimilation; drought monitoring; and several papers devoted to data processing issues.