Observing and Understanding Tropospheric Ozone Changes: Tropospheric Ozone Changes Workshop; Boulder, Colorado, 14–16 October 2009



Prompted by the lack of consensus on, and the need to assess current understanding of, long-term changes in tropospheric ozone, a workshop was held in Colorado to (1) evaluate the consistency of data records; (2) assess robust long-term changes; (3) determine how to combine observations and model studies; and (4) define research and observation needs for the future.

At the workshop, long-term ozone records from regionally representative surface and mountain sites, ozonesondes, and aircraft were reviewed by region. In western Europe there are several time series of ∼15–40 years from all platforms. Overall, they show a rise in ozone into the middle to late 1990s and a leveling off, or in some cases declines, in the 2000s, in general agreement with precursor emission changes. However, significant differences in detail in the time series from nearby locations provide less confidence in changes before the late 1990s.