Climate Reports Focus on Science, Reducing Impacts, and Adaptation


  • Randy Showstack


In a one-two-three punch, the U.S. National Research Council (NRC) released three related reports on climate change at a 19 May briefing. The reports—focusing on advancing climate change science, limiting the magnitude of change, and adapting to change, respectively—are part of a congressionally requested five-study project known as America's Climate Choices. Together they present evidence of climate change and a series of recommendations for limiting and adapting to any changes.

Ralph Cicerone, president of the National Academy of Sciences and chair of its operating arm, NRC, said the reports indicate the state of climate change science is strong but that more information is needed, including about potential impacts. “We need a national goal, we need a national framework, and a sustained effort to do the research, to limit the impacts, and then to manage the impacts that do occur,” Cicerone, a former AGU president, told Eos.