• trace element cycling;
  • Arctic

GEOTRACES is an international research program focused on understanding the cycling of trace elements and isotopes(TEIs) in the oceans. Since the inception of this program, there has been strong interest in carrying out studies in the Arctic Ocean. The Arctic Ocean is at the epicenter of climate change, and warming climate will likely have a profound impact on the carbon budget, geochemical cycles, and ecosystem of the Arctic. Furthermore, these changes will ultimately be felt globally, through feedbacks related, for example, to melting ice and release of carbon from permafrost.

This interest has led to several discussions, including a planning meeting held in Germany in June 2009 ( Participants at the 2009 workshop outlined important scientific issues and constructed a map of proposed GEOTRACES Arctic Ocean sections but did not formulate plans for implementation. Because of the logistical requirements and costs of working in the Arctic, participants recognized the need for international collaboration to make future GEOTRACES efforts viable in this region.