• thermal demagnetizer;
  • high-precision oven;
  • paleomagnetism and paleointensity;
  • magnetic noise field;
  • spurious magnetization;
  • power control

Although magnetic noise fields generated by heater currents in thermal demagnetizers have been noticed for a long time, no satisfactory tests have been conducted to quantify their effects. Toward this end, we have developed a new high-precision thermal demagnetizer that greatly reduces the magnetic noise field. We show the data quality generated by the new oven and the comparative results on several real samples that demonstrate the effects of the magnetic noise field due to heater currents. The properties of the spurious magnetization emanating from the heater currents critically depend on the decay rate of amplitude and its waveform of electric power which is delivered to oven coils at the end of the heating stage of thermal demagnetization. These results also illustrate the potential applications of this new instrument in paleomagnetism and paleointensity studies.