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ggge1817-sup-0001-readme.txtplain text document2Kreadme.txt
ggge1817-sup-0002-txts01.docWord document86KText S1. Geological settings, sample preparation and analytical techniques, and major and trace element compositions of whole rocks and mineral separates.
ggge1817-sup-0003-ds01.xlsapplication/excel42KData Set S1. Major and trace element compositions and mineral modes of the whole-rock samples with the information on sampling locations.
ggge1817-sup-0004-ds02.xlsapplication/excel45KData Set S2. Average major element compositions of olivine and clinopyroxene.
ggge1817-sup-0005-ds03.xlsapplication/excel31KData Set S3. Element compositions of clinopyroxene samples.
ggge1817-sup-0006-fs01.pdfPDF document52KFigure S1. Trace element concentrations normalized to primitive upper mantle.
ggge1817-sup-0007-fs02.pdfPDF document39KFigure S2. Plots of K2O versus P2O5 for the whole-rock samples.
ggge1817-sup-0008-fs03.pdfPDF document154KFigure S3. Major element compositions of olivines.
ggge1817-sup-0009-fs04.pdfPDF document49KFigure S4. Clinopyroxene/melt concentration ratios for REE.
ggge1817-sup-0010-fs05.pdfPDF document57KFigure S5. Plots of Os concentrations and 187Os/188Os of whole rocks versus minerals.

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