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grl27184-sup-0001-readme.txtplain text document8Kreadme.txt
grl27184-sup-0002-txts01.pdfPDF document1792KText S1. Further details of the retrieval.
grl27184-sup-0003-ts01.pdfPDF document116KTable S1. Tabular values of BrOTROP and OMI BrOVC and related uncertainties used in Figure 4g of the main paper.
grl27184-sup-0004-fs01.tifTIFF image962KFigure S1. Comparison of total vertical column density of BrO found using the OMI ARCTAS retrieval used in the main body of the paper to OMI BrOVC found using the operational retrieval.
grl27184-sup-0005-fs02.epsPS document52KFigure S2. Stratospheric Air Mass Factors as a function of wavelength and albedo for the conventional and current OMI BrO fitting windows.
grl27184-sup-0006-fs03.epsPS document4781KFigure S3. Profile of the organic bromine content of CH3Br, halons, and CH2Br2 in the tropical troposphere during TC4 for air samples.
grl27184-sup-0007-fs04.epsPS document355KFigure S4. Measurement of BrOVC from OMI over the location of ground based instruments at Harestua, Norway and Lauder, New Zealand obtained during March and April 2008 compared to measurements of BrOVC from instruments at these locations.
grl27184-sup-0008-fs05.epsPS document708KFigure S5. Comparison of CFC-12 from the GEOS-5 assimilation to measurements of CFC-12 obtained by Whole Air Sampler instruments onboard the NASA DC-8 aircraft during ARCTAS and onboard the NCAR GV aircraft during START08.
grl27184-sup-0009-fs06.epsPS document15KFigure S6. Box and whisker plot of BrO volume mixing ratio measured by CIMS instruments on board the WP-3D and DC-8 aircraft during ARCTAS and ARCPAC.
grl27184-sup-0010-fs07.epsPS document36KFigure S7. Plot of the ratio BrOMODEL/OMI BrOVC versus Bry VSL, where BrOMODEL = BrOSTRAT + BrOTROP for the 29 aircraft profiles for which BrOTROP can be defined.

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