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grl27233-sup-0001-readme.txtplain text document11Kreadme.txt
grl27233-sup-0002-txts01.pdfPDF document719KText S1. Description of the location methodology and reduction details.
grl27233-sup-0003-txts02.pdfPDF document719KText S2. More information on the correlation of surface activity with seismicity.
grl27233-sup-0004-ts01.pdfPDF document712KTable S1. Multiple listings for individual station coordinates during this time period were found documented in the literature and within station coordinate files.
grl27233-sup-0005-ts02.pdfPDF document711KTable S2. Velocity model used in this analysis.
grl27233-sup-0006-fs01.pdfPDF document900KFigure S1. Temporal patterns of seismicity and dome growth.
grl27233-sup-0007-fs02.pdfPDF document1164KFigure S2. NE-Zone seismicity.
grl27233-sup-0008-fs03.pdfPDF document926KFigure S3. SGH-Zone seismicity.
grl27233-sup-0009-fs04.pdfPDF document885KFigure S4. WH-Zone seismicity.
grl27233-sup-0010-fs05.pdfPDF document1096KFigure S5. WNW-Zone seismicity.
grl27233-sup-0011-fs06.pdfPDF document1084KFigure S6. Summit area hybrid seismicity.
grl27233-sup-0012-fs07.pdfPDF document729KFigure S7. VT earthquake P-axis azimuths.
grl27233-sup-0013-ms01.avivideo/avi17813KAnimation S1. Animation of Montserrat seismicity between July 1995 and October 1996.
grl27233-sup-0014-ms01.movQuickTime video10906KAnimation S1. Animation of Montserrat seismicity between July 1995 and October 1996.

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