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grl27335-sup-0001-readme.txtplain text document1Kreadme.txt
grl27335-sup-0002-ts01.pdfPDF document806KTable S1. CMIP3 and targeted models (in italics; CSIRO Mk3A is not a CMIP3 model; NCAR PCMI is both a CMIP3 and targeted model) used in this study, containing all forcings (ALL) and anthropogenic forcings (ANT) only, following the groupings in Santer et al. [2007]. Historical forcings include well-mixed greenhouse gases (GHG), direct sulphate effects (SD), indirect sulphate effects (SI), volcanic aerosols (VL) and solar irradiance (SO).
grl27335-sup-0003-txts01.pdfPDF document794KText S1. Description of observational datasets, climate models, and drift-removal processes used in the study.
grl27335-sup-0004-fs01.pdfPDF document757KFigure S1. Time series of global upper 2000 m-OHC anomalies from PCM1, and Mk3A, for natural forcings ensemble, and aerosol-only ensemble.

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