Geophysical Research Letters

Mineral quartz concentration measurements of mixed mineral dust/urban haze pollution plumes over Korea with multiwavelength aerosol Raman-quartz lidar



[1] We present a case study of a concentration measurement of mineral quartz immersed in East Asian urban pollution. We use a novel lidar measurement technique that uses signals from Raman scattering from quartz at ultraviolet (360 nm) wavelength. The particle-extinction-related Ångström exponent (wavelength pair 355/532 nm) varies around 0.7 ± 0.2 , the lidar ratio is 50–55 sr at 532 nm. The numbers indicate that the pollution plume likely consisted of a mixture of mineral dust with urban haze. Dust concentrations vary between 8–11 μg/cm3. We determined Raman quartz concentrations from measurements simultaneously carried out at 546 nm, which allows us to measure for the first time the Raman-quartz-related Ångström exponent of mineral dust. Values are 3–4, whereas we expect a theoretical value of 4. It is unclear if the lower values follow from retrieval uncertainties or if they are linked to the internal structure of the quartz grains.