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grl27453-sup-0001-readme.txtplain text document2Kreadme.txt
grl27453-sup-0002-txts01.pdfPDF document58KText S1. Supplemental text that describes the “Mixed-layer heat balance associated with the SCP warming”.
grl27453-sup-0003-ts01.pdfPDF document57KTable S1. Anomalies of net surface heat flux and its components in late 2009 derived from the NCEP/DOE reanalysis II product.
grl27453-sup-0004-fs01.pdfPDF document225KFigure S1. Vertical structure of ocean temperature anomaly.
grl27453-sup-0005-fs02.pdfPDF document1794KFigure S2. SST anomaly from January to April of 2010.
grl27453-sup-0006-fs03.pdfPDF document592KFigure S3. Three-month smoothed geopotential height anomaly at 500 hPa averaged over the SCP and SAM index.
grl27453-sup-0007-fs04.pdfPDF document189KFigure S4. Monthly averaged daily wind speed anomaly and sub-weekly wind speed fluctuation.

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