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grl27479-sup-0001-readme.txtplain text document3Kreadme.txt
grl27479-sup-0002-txts01.pdfPDF document108KText S1. Construction of Empirical Green's Functions, crustal heterogeneity, trade-off between the Moho depth and estimates of radial anisotropy in the crust, and radial anisotropy and shear velocity.
grl27479-sup-0003-fs01.pdfPDF document90KFigure S1. Band-pass filtered EGFs for Rayleigh and Love waves, respectively.
grl27479-sup-0004-fs02.pdfPDF document1201KFigure S2. Absolute wave speed for VSV, VSH, and their average at 10 km, 25 km, and 35 km depth.
grl27479-sup-0005-fs03.pdfPDF document209KFigure S3. Radial anisotropy when the Moho depth is 5 km larger than that from the receiver function analysis and the change of radial anisotropy due to the Moho depth change.
grl27479-sup-0006-fs04.pdfPDF document7KFigure S4. The six main tectonic regions for our study area.
grl27479-sup-0007-fs05.pdfPDF document21KFigure S5. Relationship between relative VSV anomalies and radial anisotropy for upper crust, middle crust, and lower crust.
grl27479-sup-0008-fs06.pdfPDF document21KFigure S6. Relationship between relative VSV anomaly and VSH anomaly for upper crust, middle crust, and lower crust.

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