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grl27586-sup-0001-readme.txtplain text document4Kreadme.txt
grl27586-sup-0002-txts01.txtplain text document6KText S1. Maximum energy and total fault slip estimate of the NVT during the 2006 SSE.
grl27586-sup-0003-fs01a.epsPS document333KFigure S1a. NVT energy spectrum.
grl27586-sup-0004-fs01b.epsPS document1619KFigure S1b. Daily spectrogram of the NS component record on the ARIG broad band seismic station
grl27586-sup-0005-fs02a.epsPS document176KFigure S2a. Energy attenuation of the NVT long-lasting bursts.
grl27586-sup-0006-fs02b.epsPS document74KFigure S2b. Graphic explanation of the parameters used in the En fitting expression.
grl27586-sup-0007-fs03.epsPS document401KFigure S3. Dislocation model in the elastic half-space that fits plausibly the 2006 SSE GPS final displacements along the profile oriented perpendicular to the trench axis.

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