Auxiliary material for this article contains a collection of figures to complete the characterization of the intercompared land surface heat fluxes presented in the article.

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jgrd16660-sup-0001-readme.txtplain text document4Kreadme.txt
jgrd16660-sup-0002-fs01.tifTIFF image2791KFigure S1. 1994 yearly averaged Qh (Wm-2).
jgrd16660-sup-0003-fs02.tifTIFF image2845KFigure S2. 1994 yearly averaged Rn (Wm-2).
jgrd16660-sup-0004-fs03.tifTIFF image2817KFigure S3. 1994 yearly averaged EF.
jgrd16660-sup-0005-fs04.tifTIFF image2826KFigure S4. February 1994 Qle (Wm-2).
jgrd16660-sup-0006-fs05.tifTIFF image2831KFigure S5. February 1994 Qh (Wm-2).
jgrd16660-sup-0007-fs06.tifTIFF image2845KFigure S6. February 1994 Rn (Wm-2).
jgrd16660-sup-0008-fs07.tifTIFF image2741KFigure S7. February 1994 EF.
jgrd16660-sup-0009-fs08.tifTIFF image2859KFigure S8. August 1994 Qh (Wm-2).
jgrd16660-sup-0010-fs09.tifTIFF image2844KFigure S9. August 1994 Rn (Wm-2).
jgrd16660-sup-0011-fs10.tifTIFF image2753KFigure S10. August 1994 EF.
jgrd16660-sup-0012-fs11.tifTIFF image1790KFigure S11. Spatially averaged monthly time series for the Mississippi basin.
jgrd16660-sup-0013-fs12.tifTIFF image1746KFigure S12. Spatially averaged monthly time series for the Niger basin.
jgrd16660-sup-0014-fs13.tifTIFF image1806KFigure S13. Spatially averaged monthly time series for the Volga basin.
jgrd16660-sup-0015-fs14.tifTIFF image1766KFigure S14. Spatially averaged monthly time series for the Congo basin.
jgrd16660-sup-0016-fs15.tifTIFF image1751KFigure S15. Spatially averaged monthly time series for the Parana basin.
jgrd16660-sup-0017-fs16.tifTIFF image1796KFigure S16. Spatially averaged monthly time series for the Danube basin.
jgrd16660-sup-0018-fs17.tifTIFF image1785KFigure S17. Spatially averaged monthly time series for the Nile basin.
jgrd16660-sup-0019-fs18.tifTIFF image1764KFigure S18. Spatially averaged monthly time series for the Yangtze basin.
jgrd16660-sup-0020-t01.txtplain text document2KTab-delimited Table 1.
jgrd16660-sup-0021-t02.txtplain text document2KTab-delimited Table 2.
jgrd16660-sup-0022-t03.txtplain text document1KTab-delimited Table 3.
jgrd16660-sup-0023-t04.txtplain text document1KTab-delimited Table 4.
jgrd16660-sup-0024-t05.txtplain text document1KTab-delimited Table 5.
jgrd16660-sup-0025-t06.txtplain text document2KTab-delimited Table 6.

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