A European daily high-resolution observational gridded data set of sea level pressure



[1] In this study we introduce a daily high-resolution land-only observational gridded data set for sea level pressure covering the European region as a new addition to the E-OBS gridded data sets of daily temperatures and precipitation amounts. This data set improves upon existing products in terms of spatial resolution and extent. The data set is delivered on the same four spatial resolutions as the other E-OBS data sets: 0.25° by 0.25° and 0.5° by 0.5° on a regular latitude-longitude grid and 0.22° by 0.22° and 0.44° by 0.44° on a rotated pole grid. We show that there is a good agreement in the long-term mean and standard deviation with popular reanalysis grids. In areas with a relatively high number of stations, the gridded data is closer to the station data than the reanalysis products. There is also a very good agreement with daily weather charts for selected storm events.