• Moscoviense Basin;
  • multiring;
  • Moon;
  • impact

[1] The Moscoviense Basin, on the northern portion of the lunar farside, displays topography with a partial peak ring, in addition to rings that are offset to the southeast. These rings do not follow the typical concentric ring spacing that is recognized with other basins, suggesting that they may have formed as a result of an oblique impact or perhaps multiple impacts. In addition to the unusual ring spacing present, the Moscoviense Basin contains diverse mare basalt units covering the basin floor and a few highland mafic exposures within its rings. New analysis of previously mapped mare units suggests that the oldest mare unit is the remnant of the impact melt sheet. The Moscoviense Basin provides a glimpse into the lunar highlands terrain and an opportunity to explore the geologic context of initial lunar crustal development and modification.