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palo1674-sup-0001-readme.txtplain text document2Kreadme.txt
palo1674-sup-0002-txts01.docWord document56KText S1. The following points are discussed in the text file: (1) construction of the composite sections of Marsalforn and Ras Il Pellegrin, (2) the revised tuning for the Blue Clay Formation, (3) two alternative tuning options for the middle Miocene cooling interval, and (4) a revised tuning of ODP Site 1146.
palo1674-sup-0003-fs01.epsPS document1196KFigure S1. Correlation of the Ras Il Pellegrin section (Fomm Ir-Rih Bay, Malta) and the Marsalforn section (Marsalforn, Gozo).
palo1674-sup-0004-fs02.epsPS document955KFigure S2. Revised tuning of the basal part of the Blue Clay Formation.
palo1674-sup-0005-fs03.epsPS document715KFigure S3. Sedimentation rates across the transition from the Globigerina Limestone Formation to the Blue Clay Formation.
palo1674-sup-0006-fs04.epsPS document1947KFigure S4. Stable isotope records of ODP Site 1146 showing the original depth series of Holbourn et al. [2007] and the revised depth records and tuning of this paper.
palo1674-sup-0007-fs05.epsPS document1940KFigure S5. Results of cross-spectral comparison (a) between d13C and eccentricity, (b) between d18O and eccentricity, and (c) between d13C and d18O at ODP site 1146.

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