Auxiliary material for this article contains one figure (Figure S1) and two tables (Tables S1 and S2) that present additional data not included in the paper.

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palo1682-sup-0001-readme.txtplain text document11Kreadme.txt
palo1682-sup-0002-ts01.txtplain text document13KTable S1. This table contains conventional 14C ages measured on planktonic foraminifera samples and corresponding calendar ages from published age models used in this study.
palo1682-sup-0003-ts02.txtplain text document1KTable S2. This table contains benthic δ18O and Cibicides δ13C values (mean, standard deviation, and number of measurements) for five time slices over the last 23 kyr, namely the Late Holocene, the Younger Dryas, the Bolling-Allerod, Heinrich stadial 1, and the Last Glacial Maximum.
palo1682-sup-0004-fs01.jpgimage/pjpeg340KFigure S1. Benthic δ13C–δ18O mixing diagrams for five specific time slices across the last 25 kyr.
palo1682-sup-0005-t01.txtplain text document1KTab-delimited Table 1.

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