Auxiliary material for this article contains six figures and a text file giving an explanation of the finite difference forms of the differential equations used in the circulation model and the equation of the advection scavenging model and a list of references for additional 231Pa/230Th data from Holocene sediments used to compare to water column [Pa]. Footnote:

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Additional file information is provided in the readme.txt.

palo1688-sup-0001-readme.txtplain text document4Kreadme.txt
palo1688-sup-0002-txts01.docWord document234KText S1. Text S1 contains two appendices: Appendix 1 contains additional information on finite difference forms, and Appendix 2 contains additional references.
palo1688-sup-0003-fs01.pdfPDF document236KFigure S1. Diagnostics of the modern circulation inversion (with prior LNM = 3000 m).
palo1688-sup-0004-fs02.pdfPDF document411KFigure S2. Posterior uncertainties for the horizontal circulation between 2000 and 3000 m (solution with prior LNM = 3000).
palo1688-sup-0005-fs03.pdfPDF document401KFigure S3. Posterior uncertainties for the horizontal circulation between 4000 and 5000 m (solution with prior LNM = 3000).
palo1688-sup-0006-fs04.pdfPDF document479KFigure S4. Partition coefficient at 12 stations in the Atlantic Ocean computed from paired measurements of particulate and total 231Pa activity and the geographic locations of stations with paired measurements of particulate and total 231Pa activity and measurements of particulate 230Th activity.
palo1688-sup-0007-fs05.pdfPDF document98KFigure S5. A plot of measured [Pa] against the objectively mapped [Pa] at the same data locations.
palo1688-sup-0008-fs06.pdfPDF document115KFigure S6. Analysis of reconstructed 231Pa from Holocene, LGM, and H1 sediments using an extended data set that includes the 231Pa/230Th record from Negre et al., [2010].
palo1688-sup-0009-t01.txtplain text document0KTab-delimited Table 1.
palo1688-sup-0010-t02.txtplain text document0KTab-delimited Table 2.
palo1688-sup-0011-t03.txtplain text document0KTab-delimited Table 3.
palo1688-sup-0012-t04.txtplain text document0KTab-delimited Table 4.
palo1688-sup-0013-t05.txtplain text document0KTab-delimited Table 5.

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