Advances in Data Assimilation for Operational Hydrologic Forecasting



[1] International Workshop on Data Assimilation for Operational Hydrologic Forecasting and Water Resources Management; Delft, Netherlands, 1–3 November 2010; The abundance of new hydrologic observations (in situ or remotely sensed) in the past couple of decades has stimulated a great deal of research into the use of these observations for improved hydrologic predictions via model-data infusion applications. Generally speaking, however, hydrologic data assimilation (DA) as an objective tool for reducing predictive uncertainty is not yet technically ready for operational hydrologic forecasting and water resources management. This is due in part to a lack of mechanisms to properly quantify the uncertainty in observations and forecast models in real-time forecasting situations and to conduct the merging of data and models in a way that is adequately efficient and transparent to operational forecasters. Nevertheless, the need for effective assimilation of useful data into the forecast process is increasing. Within the framework of the Hydrologic Ensemble Prediction Experiment (HEPEX;, a workshop was held in the Netherlands. The overall goal of the workshop was to develop and foster community-based efforts for collaborative research, development, and synthesis of techniques and tools for hydrologic data assimilation and for the cost-effective transition of these techniques and tools from research to operations.