Climate Change “Hoax”: Comment on “Climate Science in a Postmodern World”



[1] In his Forum, Kenneth Verosub (Eos, 91(33), 291, doi:10.1029/2010EO330003, 2010) tries to explain the climate denial phenomenon as due to postmodernist misinterpretation of scientific results. Unfortunately, I fear that this is only a minor cause and that the true explanation is much more insidious, with serious ramifications for all scientists, not just climatologists. As documented in several recent publications [e.g., Mayer, 2010], climate scientists are currently bearing the brunt of a deliberate, antiscience, misinformation campaign that is financed by certain fossil fuel companies and propagated by certain conservative radio programs, television organizations, and think tanks. Verosub wonders why no one has offered an explanation for why scientists worldwide are engaged in this supposed hoax. But explanations are frequently offered on conservative talk shows. For example, I found myself listening to The War Room With Quinn and Rose last fall while driving in the Pittsburgh, Pa., area and was appalled by the scenario painted in the show by cohost Jim Quinn. Apparently, all academics are socialists. Further, the Earth is not warming—it has been getting cooler since 1999. Quinn continued with this gem: Climate warming is an international conspiracy, funded by billionaire George Soros, perpetrated by scientists everywhere, and intended to delude governments into spending vast sums of money to counter a non-existent threat until the governments become bankrupt. Then in the ensuing chaos, socialists can take over and form a world socialist government.