Integrating Remote Sensing Data Into Geographic Information Systems



[1] Bridging the Gap Between Remote Sensing and GIS; Redlands, California, 17–18 November 2010; Fifty remote sensing scientists and geographic information systems (GIS) experts attended a joint NASA–Environmental Science Research Institute (ESRI) workshop at the headquarters of ESRI. The purpose of the workshop was to bring together a diverse community of experts to explore benefits and barriers to the integration of remote sensing data into GIS. Remote sensing represents an ever-expanding source of scientific data about our planet. Some individual NASA missions alone provide more than 1 terabyte of data per day. Remote sensing data can help solve problems in diverse applications, including disaster response, environmental planning, global change, insurance, and private investment. These data attain their greatest value when combined with other data from a variety of sources, yet this seemingly simple step is often very challenging.