Role of the seasonal cycle in coupling climate and carbon cycling in the subantarctic zone



[1] Workshop on the Seasonal Cycle of the Carbon-Climate System in the Southern Ocean; Cape Town, South Africa, 23–25 August 2010; There is increasing evidence in the Southern Ocean that mesoscales and seasonal scales play an important role in the coupling of ocean carbon cycling and climate. The seasonal cycle is one of the strongest modes of variability in different components of the carbon cycle in the Southern Ocean. It is also the mode that couples climate forcing to ecosystem responses such as productivity and ultimately biogeochemical signals including carbon export. However, not only are these scales of coupling poorly understood, but also there appear to be important regional differences in the way they couple climate to carbon. With this as an overarching theme, a workshop in South Africa brought together scientists working in the Southern Ocean, the waters south of Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. The importance of the Subantarctic Zone (SAZ) as a carbon sink made it an ideal system on which to focus the workshop.