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ggge2167-sup-0001-readme.txtplain text document6Kreadme.txt
ggge2167-sup-0002-txts01.docWord document34KText S1. Background data on MgO, CaO, and FeO content of whole rocks and the use of these data to assess which samples may be suitable for determination of the melting temperature.
ggge2167-sup-0003-ts01.xlsExcel spreadsheet280KTable S1. All the lava data used for the manuscript.
ggge2167-sup-0004-ts02.xlsExcel spreadsheet18KTable S2. The major element compositions of selected olivine phenocrysts in waterfall section samples.
ggge2167-sup-0005-fs01.pdfPDF document322KFigure S1. The Mg and Fe content of melt, combined with the maximum forsterite content of olivines.
ggge2167-sup-0006-fs02.pdfPDF document211KFigure S2. 4He/3He versus 21Ne/22Ne in Samoan shield lavas and Samoan peridotite xenoliths.
ggge2167-sup-0007-fs03.pdfPDF document206KFigure S3. 87Sr/86Sr versus 187Os/188Os for Samoan shield and rejuvenated lavas.
ggge2167-sup-0008-fs04.pdfPDF document424KFigure S4. MgO versus CaO and FeO.

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