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grl27884-sup-0002-ts01.pdfPDF document79KTable S1. Comparison of NAO and ENSO proxy reconstructions.
grl27884-sup-0003-fs01.epsPS document128KFigure S1. Comparison of the Dec-March Central England temperature series and NAO reconstruction showing unusually cold conditions during the 1783–1784 negative NAO.
grl27884-sup-0004-fs02.epsPS document5160KFigure S2. Model simulation results of incident solar radiation anomalies, surface air temperature SAT anomalies, and SLP anomalies for JJA 1783–DJF 1783–1784.
grl27884-sup-0005-txts01.pdfPDF document175KText S1. Historical and other references to the winter of 1783–1784 and the Laki eruption, additional proxy and other evidence for a negative NAO in the winter of 1783–1784, additional proxy evidence for an El Niño in the winter of 1783–1784, explanation for dynamical mechanisms that drive precipitation in the continental USA with regards to Pacific and Atlantic SSTs, and background information on model simulations and results.

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