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grl27991-sup-0002-fs01.bmpWindows BMP image3965KFigure S1. Global maps of averaged chlorophyll-a concentration derived from SeaWiFS measurements and cloud condensation nuclei number from MODIS-TERRA.
grl27991-sup-0003-fs02.bmpWindows BMP image5527KFigure S2. Time series of monthly mean values of cloud effective radius and optical thickness.
grl27991-sup-0004-fs03.bmpWindows BMP image2025KFigure S3. Frequency distributions of monthly mean CCN number for boxes of 10 latitude by 10 longitude in the Southern Ocean.
grl27991-sup-0005-fs04.bmpWindows BMP image2025KFigure S4. Angstrom exponent in the Southern Ocean.
grl27991-sup-0006-fs05.bmpWindows BMP image2025KFigure S5. Precipitation from HOAPS (in blue, right axis) and Angstrom exponent (in red, right axis) dependent on CCN number for the Southern Ocean.
grl27991-sup-0007-fs06.bmpWindows BMP image8821KFigure S6. Chlorophyll-a concentration from NASA Ocean Biogeochemical Model and sea surface temperature from MODIS.
grl27991-sup-0008-fs07.bmpWindows BMP image2025KFigure S7. Mean geopotential height at 925-hPa observed from AIRS in December.
grl27991-sup-0009-fs08.bmpWindows BMP image2025KFigure S8. Temperature gradient over the Southern Ocean.
grl27991-sup-0010-fs09.bmpWindows BMP image2025KFigure S9. Cloud fraction from MODIS and precipitation amount from HOAPS-3.
grl27991-sup-0011-fs10.bmpWindows BMP image2025KFigure S10. Conceptual diagram of climate feedback based on observational evidence for the influence of CCN on cloud properties over the Southern Ocean.

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