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grl28004-sup-0001-readme.txtplain text document3Kreadme.txt
grl28004-sup-0002-txts01.txtplain text document8KText S1. Details on the methods used in the paper.
grl28004-sup-0003-fs01.jpgimage/pjpeg694KFigure S1. Relative velocity changes computed from 60-day stacked CCFs filtered between 8–11 s and averaged over all of the station pairs.
grl28004-sup-0004-fs02.jpgimage/pjpeg434KFigure S2. Comparison of the seismic velocity changes measured using the doublet method and stretching methods for 8–20 s.
grl28004-sup-0005-fs03.jpgimage/pjpeg758KFigure S3. Sensitivity of Rayleigh waves computed in the velocity model of the Guerrero region for 11 s and 20 s.

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